Business Office Staff-Institute for Software Research - Carnegie Mellon University

Sharon Blazevich

Executive Assistant

Office: Wean 5216

Phone: (412) 268-4062

Fax: (412) 268-7458


Responsibilities: Executive assistant to the Director and Deputy Director of ISR as well as several faculty members.

Emanuel Bowes

Assistant Systems Manager

Office: Wean 5301

Phone: (412) 268-3369


Responsibilities: Member of the ISR IT Services team. Provides support for ISR systems and computer operations, in partnership with SCS Computing Facilities, including end-user support, technical procurement, and distance education. 

Michael Boydos

Senior Sponsored Funding Assistant

Office: Wean 5212


Responsibilities: Provides back-office support to proposals and awards, and conducts a wide array of accounting-related activities in support of the research administration team and the business office.

Bernadette Dayak

Assistant Manager, Research Administration

Office: Wean 5215

Phone: (412) 268-5329


Responsibilities: Member of research administration team. Provides support to Monika DeReno in proposal and budget preparation and related activities.

Monika De Reno

Associate Director for Research

Office: Wean 5212

Phone: (412) 268-9822


Responsibilities: Leader of the research administration team. Responsible for ISR research processes, including proposal and budget preparation, close-outs, and related activities. Oversees other research administrators. Monitors faculty discretionary accounts. Acts as business office liaison to CASOS, VLIS, MBA-Technology Leadership, and CUPS IGERT academic programs.

Nick Frollini

Deputy Director

Office: Wean 5220

Phone: (412) 268-5359

Fax: (412) 268-2338


Responsibilities: Overall department operations, including finance, facilities, and human resources. Contact with questions related to university forms, SSPs, office space concerns, operating budgets, purchasing policies (particularly procurement cards), and other issues that can't be resolved through other channels.

Helen Higgins

Manager, Employment Processes

Office: Wean 5109

Phone: (412) 268-1335


Responsibilities: Responsible for all employment processes within the department, including new position creation, job postings, payroll, and immigration/OIE issues. Contact with questions related to HR issues or to initiate the new hire process.

Tom Pope

Systems Manager

Office: Wean 5301

Phone: (412) 268-8615


Responsibilities: Leader of the ISR IT Services team. Responsible for overall IT environment strategy for ISR. 

Victoria Poprocky

Reappointments and Promotions Coordinator / Administrative Associate

Office: Wean 5125

Phone: (412) 268-3063


Responsibilities: R&P process Coordinator.  Provides support to Doctors Aldrich, Eppinger, Herbsleb and Shaw.