Carnegie Mellon University

08-733 (Privacy, Policy, Law and Technology)

As new technologies are developed, they increasingly raise privacy concerns-the Web, wireless location-based services, and RFID are a few examples. In addition, the recent focus on fighting terrorism has brought with it new concerns about governmental intrusions on personal privacy. This course provides an indepth look into privacy, privacy laws, and privacy-related technologies. Students will study privacy from philosophical, historical, legal, policy, and technical perspectives and learn how to engineer systems for privacy.  This course is appropriate for graduate students, juniors, and seniors who have strong technical backgrounds. 8-733 is for PhD students. 8-533 and 19-608 are for undergraduate students. Masters students may register for any of the course numbers. This course will include a lot of reading, writing, and class discussion. Students will be able to tailor their assignments to their skills and interests, focusing more on programming or writing papers as they see fit. However, all students will be expected to do some writing and some technical work.
A large emphasis will be placed on research and communication skills, which will be taught throughout the course.