Carnegie Mellon University

15-821 (Mobile and Pervasive Computing)

This is a course exploring research issues in the emerging fields of mobile computing and its close relative, pervasive computing. Many traditional areas of computer science and computer engineering are impacted by the constraints and demands of mobile and pervasive computing. Examples include network protocols, power management, user interfaces, file access, usability and security. This will be an "advanced" course in the truest sense --- most, if not all, the topics discussed will be ones where there is little consensus in the research community on the best approaches. The course will also offer significant "hand-on" experience in this area.

Each student will have to present and lead the discussion on a number of papers. Students will work in groups of three under the guidance of a mentor on a hands-on project. Each student will also be required to write one of two documents based on an idea in mobile and pervasive computing: (a) a research proposal (similar in spirit to an NSF proposal) or (b) a short business plan for a commercial opportunity. Grading will be based on the quality of the presentations, the project, the proposal or business plan, and brief in-class quizzes on the readings.

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