Carnegie Mellon University

36-749 (Experimental Design for Behavioral and Social Sciences)

Course Objective

To learn how to design an experimental study, carry out an appropriate statistical analysis of the data, and properly interpret and communicate the analyses.


You will learn about the most important statistical techniques for the analysis of behavioral data and the design of experiments using examples drawn directly from the psychological and social science literature. The emphasis throughout will be on understanding the assumptions that underlie these techniques and on properly interpreting the results when these techniques are applied.

Statistics 201, or comparable experience, is a pre-requisite for this course. See math.doc on Black- board under Course Documents if your math skills are rusty.


The textbook is an Open Source self-published pdf-format book Please e-mail me with corrections and suggestions.

Home Page

The course home page can be found under Blackboard ( If Black- board is down, you will find data, homework assignments, and solutions at∼hseltman/309/ on the World Wide Web. The Blackboard page is the main repository for information about the course, including grades, logistic information, course handouts, and data sets. I strongly suggest that you visit this web page frequently throughout the

semester. If you notice something missing or incorrect on the home page, please let me know as soon as possible.